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After the fourth, my mom and I spent the day doing some dangerous recreational shopping in between running errands and a late evening viewing of World War Z. This crop top and high waisted shorts pairing has basically been my uniform these past couple weeks; I'm having enormous amounts of fun mixing and matching different colored tops, (like marbled grey and white), together with different bottoms, (like circle skirts and jeans). You'll probably see a couple more renditions before summer's end.
 photo IMG_8613_zps8402bce0.jpg photo IMG_8570_zps04269a47.jpg photo IMG_8624_zps6dccefe6.jpg
I was definitely one of those early risers who rushed to H&M at 7 am the day the Marni collection came out about a year ago. Although I came home with three pretty basic items, I've had trouble wearing the pieces. When I finally put this classic silk shirt on over my "uniform" it felt like a Eureka! moment. Now I can't imagine wearing anything else. It drapes perfectly and is a very good alternative to the light summer jacket.
 photo IMG_8646_zps93bb9bb8.jpg
Lately I've been piling on the gold jewelry, especially simple textured chains. Also, this cuff is ridiculous. I bought it at a flea market a couple years ago for $5. How crazy are the bubbles?
 photo IMG_8449_zps067c13c4.jpg
The #1 thing on our to-do list that day was buy new bedding for my dorm room. Apparently college beds are-- for some reason unbeknownst to me-- five inches longer than a normal twin size mattress, and as such appropriate sheets must fit a Twin XL. My mom and I ended up at Macy's which had every selection from regular jersey fabric to egyptian cotton. After running my hands through countless linens, I finally settled on four-hundred thread count white sheets; I love how classic and perfect they are.
 photo IMG_84761_zpse87478f3.jpg
Right before the movie we also caught a quick bight at Umami Burger. For those of you not in Los Angeles, Umami boasts probably one of the best burgers around.
 photo IMG_8665e_zpsd2a4bfe2.jpg
My new favorite of theirs is the Earth Burger-- an edamame patty served with slow roasted tomato, shiitake mushrooms, butter lettuce and ricotta cheese.
 photo IMG_8676e_zps0e4529b7.jpg
Also, the truffle fries are amazing.

American Apparel black crop top and shorts, vintage gold necklaces and cuff, Marni x H&M silk dot shirt.