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Sometime last week I put aside an hour during the workday and shot several pieces for American Apparel's vintage line California Select. The aesthetic of the brand requires very bare bones modeling. Not much movement is necessary, in the face or otherwise. It's kind of refreshing to just face the camera and pose a little. Refreshing... and strange. Here are a couple shots that came out-- more to come soon.

Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July! If you're still feeling patriotic go buy the stars and stripes knit tank in the third photo.
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 photo csv8416_vintage_zpsad5e6d57.jpg
 photo csv8418_vintage_zpsd75c8003.jpg photo csv8403_vintage_zpsd4a97686.jpg photo csv8417_vintage_zps9fb8e93e.jpg
Silk Cropped Tie Top, Cut-Out School Girl Dress, American Flag Sweater, and Line Print Tie-Up Dress