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Staying in Malibu with Jonah's family for a couple days was the best mini-vacation within the summer vacation. It was filled with plenty of swimming, painting, reading and watermelon eating. Here are some photos from the trip.
American Apparel floral print bustier swimsuit, American Apparel scrunchie and Jonah's vintage shirt
Jonah and I's tempera/watercolor paint creation
This vintage 70s kaftan is my latest thriftstore find-- it came from one of my favorite Goodwills in Hollywood. The rope detailing is the best part; it's what makes it just right. Without it the whole thing would be too shapeless to wear.
The Madewell Boardwalk sandals were great for the beach
There was plenty of watermelon to go around that weekend.
The owner of the house we stayed in had two mermaid tails stored away in the garage. I figured this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming a mermaid. 
The tail matched perfectly with my lavender American Apparel Nylon Criss-Cross Bikini. 
Beach architecture is so distinct and I love it.

I already miss it so much.