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When I was younger I used to be so confused/afraid when it came to see-through pieces of clothing. A chiffon skirt? Are they supposed to see my underwear? A sheer shirt? What do you put underneath? I guess the natural maturing process has allowed me greater insight into the whole ordeal. Although I believe some pieces require more complicated coverups, sometimes all that's needed is a super handy and versatile slip. I've had these two romantic Free People dresses in my wardrobe for some time now and it was only until I bought this nude jersey piece could I finally wear them. I've also found that vintage silk sheaths--the ones you've see in every antique shop-- can really do the trick, (like the one I wore here.) Now that I sorta have this whole slip thing down I plan on tackling lace bras. I'll let you know how it goes!
 photo IMG_7753_zps4b8e66ad.jpg
I bought this lavender dress a year and a half ago when I went on my East Coast college trip. I remember sitting in the Philadelphia train station thinking that it was the perfect piece to wander through the forest in; it's so magical and fairy-like.
 photo IMG_7722_zps559dd842.jpg
 photo IMG_7823_zps38b6b3f0.jpg
Oversized pieces like the one above and below are my favorite because they allow for so much room to move. I don't think I could ever be one of those girls who wear Herve Leger skin tight dresses day after day.
 photo IMG_7833_zpseb20b47f.jpg

 photo IMG_7895_zpsb966d50d.jpg
Love the beaded detailing on the petals.
 photo IMG_7877_zpsff55b12f.jpg
Free people dresses, Free People slip, Juju jelly heels via American Apparel, and American Apparel nail polish in Factory Grey.

Here are some other slips that would be helpful in any sheer situation: