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July 2013

Beauty Post
shops 28 July 2013
I get a lot of questions asking what sort of beauty regemin I have, and although it's pretty informal, (honestly, I barely brush my hair...
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shops 25 July 2013
Staying in Malibu with Jonah's family for a couple days was the best mini-vacation within the summer vacation. It was filled with plenty...
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Stone Age
shops 22 July 2013
On Thursday I stopped in on a Kelly Wearstler sample sale located at the Cooper Building in Downtown LA. In addition to two blue and green...
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Feeling Blue
shops 18 July 2013
I picked up this vintage flower tee at the Fairfax Flea Market when I went with my best friends a couple weekends ago; the print reminds me ...
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shops 11 July 2013
When I was younger I used to be so confused/afraid when it came to see-through pieces of clothing. A chiffon skirt? Are they supposed to see...
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The Uniform in Action
shops 08 July 2013
After the fourth, my mom and I spent the day doing some dangerous recreational shopping in between running errands and a late evening viewin...
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Midsummer Fun
Sometime last week I put aside an hour during the workday and shot several pieces for American Apparel's vintage line California Select....
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I am totally infatuated with these JuJu jelly sandals; I've been wearing them everywhere. I decided to experiment a little with a photo ...
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