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USC's Orientation was a very busy two days. It was great to meet a couple of my future peers both in and out of the film school and get a feel for the campus/what it will be like staying in a dorm. Plus I got my schedule for first semester-- my first class is at 10 am. In other words,  I won't have to wake up at 6:45 any more! I am beyond thrilled.

Here are some photos from the event:
 photo IMG_7038_zps652050e2.jpg
 photo IMG_7052_zps5da5bb6b.jpg
I bought this vintage blouse from a friend at school. It crazy 70s and therefore perfect.
 photo IMG_7065_zps64f122eb.jpg
 photo IMG_6907_zpsabc16ac7.jpg
Jumping for (what else) joy outside the School of Cinematic Arts. My official home!
 photo IMG_6853_zps42beb2d0.jpg
The Gwynn Wilson Student Union building is probably one of the most beautiful structures on campus. Architecture like this makes me crazy. Many people don't equate that Ivy League/East Coast collegiate campus look with a school on the West Coast, but I beg to differ with a building like this one.
 photo IMG_6943_zpsbc83864e.jpg
Still so happy to know I'll be seeing Palm Trees on campus for the next four years.
 photo IMG_6999_zpsd0486e84.jpg
I wore these American Apparel JuJu jellies both days and they were absolutely perfect for all that walking. 
 photo IMG_7007_zps3c949034.jpg
The statue atop the Von Kleidsmid Center. 
 photo IMG_6985_zps90fb468b.jpg
They gave us these super sleek water bottles; I'll be definitely using it all year.
 photo IMG_6945_zps34982ec5.jpg
The myriad of colorful bikes outside of a dorm. USC is a very bicycle friendly campus, but I decided I'd rather walk than be worried about taking care of a bike; having a car will be enough of a responsibility. Still they're so beautiful to look at. 

Hope you enjoyed! 
Vintage 70s floral blouse, American Apparel Easy Jean, vintage silver bracelets, Kris Nations Oregon necklace, Verameat Whale necklace, gifted Scorpio necklace from Jonah, flea market silver rings, American Apparel jelly black flats, Dries Van Noten leather bag.