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June 2013

shops 01 July 2013
Bloglovin ' recently emailed me to notify you guys that Google Reader is shutting down on the first of July. If any of you follow blogs ...
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shops 28 June 2013
This adorable baby doll dress is unlike anything else in my closet. I'm not one for such large stripes and blatant colors but there'...
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shops 22 June 2013
USC's Orientation was a very busy two days. It was great to meet a couple of my future peers both in and out of the film school and get...
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shops 13 June 2013
I have signed on to be an intern/creative assistant at American Apparel's headquarters this summer! For the past couple months I had bee...
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shops 09 June 2013
I thought I'd share some close-ups of the jeweled cuffs my mother made in the 80s that I mentioned previously . Aren't they so intri...
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Silver Lining
shops 04 June 2013
 I scrambled until the very last minute and bought this dress at 9 pm the night before graduation. I couldn't have been more happy with ...
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shops 03 June 2013
It still hasn't hit me yet. 
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