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I apologize for the extremely long absence. Been caught up in the frenzy of college choosing/waiting for financial aid/committing etc. etc.

In honor of all the college news, American Apparel sent over a congratulations package that included this denim bustier and pair short overalls (extremely dislike society's prevalent use of "shortalls" so have vowed to ban it form my vocabulary). I love both of these pieces, especially the overalls-- they're perfect for summer. Also, considering I'll be staying in Southern California for the next four years (more on that later) they'll still be perfect for fall to layer with tights, sweats and so on. I'm also majorly still enjoying my Verameat gold pieces.

 photo IMG_6039_zpsee0d6b7a.jpg
 photo IMG_5990-1_zps1f854f6a.jpg
 photo IMG_6064_zpsef740603.jpg
 photo IMG_6082_zpsc029f096.jpg
 photo IMG_6079_zps88fb7655.jpg
 photo IMG_6027_zps139bcbfa.jpg

American Apparel overalls, denim bustier, vintage contrasting link necklace, Verameat Hand of God necklace, Zara sandals, Chanel red nail polish.