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 I've been a fan of these pants for months but never knew what to wear them with until I rediscovered this stripe crop top and suddenly had an entire outfit envisioned. I wore this on Sunday to see Gatsby with my mom for Mother's Day. The only thing wrong with the movie was Tobey Maguire; I didn’t even mind Carey. Otherwise, Baz updated a story that would’ve been tired and made the overall plot accessible for a large audience... while driving me crazy with those incredible 1920s outfits. Seriously, I kind of want to throw everything out that isn't beaded or has a drop waist. I mean, besides these pants of course. 
 photo IMG_6387asd_zps26c7583b.jpg
 photo IMG_6284d_zps2f408919.jpg
 photo IMG_6345f_zps51b4228b.jpg
 photo IMG_6357fe_zps0c01d67b.jpg
Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet, vintage python belt, Calvin Klein heels, American Apparel striped crop top and orange accordion pleat pant.