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I get a lot of requests from readers to show what a normal day looks like for me. I don't really have a "typical" day, but I'd thought I'd share anyway. This past Sunday, Jonah and I went to lunch at Swingers and then spent some time at LACMA in the afternoon. The outside art installations at LACMA are amazing, and if you have a chance, go visit immediately (tickets are free to kids 17 and under)!
 photo IMG_5820_zps4f6f6912.jpg
 photo IMG_5809-1_zps4b6aba56.jpg
 photo IMG_5817_zps489ed764.jpg
 photo IMG_5929_zps85ce4ed1.jpg
 photo IMG_5916_zps096556ab.jpg
 photo IMG_5890_zpsd56a80d2.jpg
These beautiful gold necklaces were sent over by the one and only Verameat! I've been a long time fan of Vera's line and was ecstatic when she offered to send over a couple of my favorite pieces. I literally have been wearing them non-stop since they came in the mail; I love mixing and matching the different chain lengths and pendants (I'm wearing all three right now). Honestly, no one does better fun/quirky pieces than Vera. As a special perk for being a reader, for the next three days enter WANDERER15 at checkout for 15% off your entire purchase!

I'm wearing the Big Deal Ladder, Humpback Whale and Hand of God, but I also love the Lochness Monster and Wishbone necklaces.
 photo IMG_5783_zps8b5bf31d.jpg
Swingers Diner is one of my favorite places in Los Angeles, and it's one of mine and Jonah's regular haunts. The food is classic and delicious; I recommend the hummus and pita plate, challah french toast or jerk chicken salad. And of course their brownie sundae is to die for. (Also, they're open until 4 a.m., which is unheard of in this city.)
 photo IMG_5749_zps04ebfbce.jpg
 photo IMG_5734_zps4ae3b13a.jpg
 photo IMG_5764_zpsc12a81ef.jpg

I'm wearing all Verameat jewelry and American Apparel's new colorblock stich sweater, black shorts, jazz shoes, and sparkly socks. Jonah is wearing an American Apparel army shirt and Pacsun jeans.