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Couple things I'm into right now: black basics, crop tops, layering necklaces, and shoulders. This wool skirt was a gift from my mom a couple months back. It's such a legitimate vintage piece, so 70s. I love the length, construction and silhouette. It's perfect for Los Angeles' current weather, which has been sunny and cold at the same time, and basically been messing up my wardrobe choices everyday. Things could be worse. 
The buttons are so beautiful on this thing!
My friend Yaari gave this Oregon necklace to me two years ago. It's so simple and lovely, I wear it all the time now. It's interesting how go through wearing certain pieces in waves, i.e. you won't look at it for months and then suddenly you can't get enough of it. I kind of want the California necklace now, just to complete the picture of who I am. As you write college essays you tend to go through intense personal scrutiny. The schools ask you to get to the basis of who you are fundamentally, completely, and utterly as a person. It's been quite a ride and I'm not even half-way done.
I promise regular programming will resume soon. Been trying to balance the boyfriend, physics homework, piano, and family. I'm so glad it's Thanksgiving break!

Vintage plaid skirt, American Apparel crop top, Kris Nations Oregon necklace, vintage black sheer cardigan