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Music is such an integral portion of my life, I feel it's a crime not to address it here on the blog at least once a year. I receive a lot of questions asking for recommendations, so I decided to list my top four favorite albums, and then a couple up-and-comers (although that doesn't necessarily mean they were released this year or even this decade). Enjoy.
Kanye's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy has literally been my go-to favorite since tenth grade. I think it's part of the reason my ex and I broke up. Sometimes you have to separate a person's politics with their work, and this is one of those cases. Honestly? This album is a masterpiece.
I first heart In Rainbows in 8th grade, and the album has been with me since. I've played it on loops throughout different stages in my life- when I interned at Chip and Pepper, when I moved back to Los Angeles the summer before freshman year, when I first started to learn how to drive etc. etc. Every track remains just as current today as it did the day it was released five years ago.
What can I say about The Police's Synchronicity? There are almost no words. This album was a huge influence on my life last year. It is amazingamazingamazing. Murder by Numbers and King of Pain are my two favorite songs on there, although each one is just as good as the last.

Still not over Ryan Gosling, still not over his Dead Man's Bones album that he made with fellow friend Zach Shields and the Silver Lake Conservatory Children's Choir in 2009. I don't think he'll ever release another album- which is such a pity for so much talent- but it won't stop me from loving it just as much. The album should be a soundtrack for some Halloween movie. Really. Someone needs to make it.

This album is actually a soundtrack to the film Beasts of the Southern Wild, which, if you have not seen it yet, drop everything and run. The movie is beautiful and the soundtrack is even more so. I played it all this summer when I first got my car and even convinced a few of my friends to buy the album before they saw the picture- which shows you just how good it is. I would be lying if listening to the songs now doesn't make me want to cry, purely for the sense memory recollection of it all. Go watch/listen/buy now.

The Pharcyde's Bizzarrre Ride II was introduced to me by my best friend Ashton a couple weeks ago. His taste is always impeccable. It's basically a compilation of my favorite things about 90s rap. It's so old school it's new school. I can't believe I just wrote that sentence.

Pulp appeared at an interesting time in my life. I first saw them at Coachella '12 and kind of fell in love with the old English rockers dancing and singing before me. When my AP English Language teacher revealed his feelings for the band to, I knew the infatuation had to be cemented, because literally my English teacher is the coolest person in the world.

And then there is this album by Django Django, which literally just popped up on my radar on Friday. I listened to it on repeat the entire three-day weekend. If Lena Dunham claim's she is the "voice of our generation" I'm gonna have to beg to differ, because I feel this album is: