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I've had these photos on my computer for 6+ months and finally decided it was time to put them on the blog. I love them. Super simple, interesting. Trousers, oversized sweaters, black boots, overalls, a little floral, darker colors. Amazing. I wish I knew where they were from...? I'm afraid that's the curse of storing images for later, you lose the origin of their birth.

Edit: I spoke too soon. The label is Insight, you can buy here and here. There goes my college funds.

It was rainy for the first time all fall in Los Angeles today. To say it was magical couldn't even begin to describe the city's atmosphere. Rainy LA makes me want to listen to Ravel. 

Promise regular posting will resume soon. College and school and the SAT and piano and friends and a boy have gotten in the way. Expect something this weekend.