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A couple more photos from my instagram (@thestylishwanderer) and a little peek into my daily life over the past month.
I had my first college interview today and all abuzz with the prospects that lie ahead.

Vintage bracelets, Timex watch, silver dome ring from Wasteland and A Peace Treaty brass ring.
My dad got a new puppy and named her Nova! I've been needing a baby in my life.

Something I don't necessarily talk about on the blog is my affinity for films and film soundtracks.
I guess I should be upfront about this considering I want to study film in college. Pixar in Concert @ the Hollywood Bowl was amazing to see.
Watching clips from all the different Pixar films that I grew up on in one place was really incredible.

A photo of me was featured in a recent Teen Vogue!
I'm guessing Naomi Nevitt had something to do with it. Thanks Naomi!

Went for Belgian Waffles at the crepe place in the Farmer's Market with my mom.
Do it yourself whip cream and sugar was fun, (interactive food is always a plus).

School is back in session!

Umami Burger! If you are ever in LA this place is a must.
And good news is: they're all over.

Pamela Love dagger rosary necklace.
Shopbop was kind enough to send this beauty over. The dagger at the end really makes it,
otherwise the whole rosary business (as an accessory, not as a religious preference)
is getting a little bit over played. (No offense, Madonna).

About two weeks ago my friend David got a couple tickets for me and a couple other friends to
go see Paramount Production's Soundtracks in Concert at the Hollywood Bowl (again).
Seeing Michael Giacchino up close and personal was probably one of the favorite events from
the year, and this night was just pure magic in general. Thanks David.

Meet James, my best friend. We hung out on Thursday and it was nice to catch up.
Even though we talk all the time, school and work (respectively) can get in the way.
It's tough when your best friends have graduated already,
but its also refreshing to leave all the ridiculous high school drama behind and have friends outside of that.

I'll leave you with the flowers currently in my living room!

Hope its not as hot wherever you are now as it is in LA.