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September 2012

College Interviews!
shops 01 October 2012
I know I have been doing a lot of talking about high school, SATs, college etc. etc. without a lot of real life anecdotes- as opposed to ...
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The Getty
shops 25 September 2012
Visited the Getty on Saturday with James and my newly moved-back-to-LA cousin Taylor just in time to see Klimt's Line Drawing exhibition...
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August - September
shops 17 September 2012
A couple more photos from my instagram (@thestylishwanderer) and a little peek into my daily life over the past month. I had my first colleg...
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Blue Hibiscus
shops 09 September 2012
Okay, you want the honest truth? It's been too hot to blog. The heat wave in Hollywood has zapped any sort of internet force out of me....
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