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Finally, full photos of the motorcycle jacket of my dreams. Despite it's heavy leather and hardware I find myself reaching for it again and again. This dress is also quickly becoming a favorite. My friend picked it out at a thrift store in Oregon and then when she put it back my mom thought it would be a good dress for my cousin who lives in Chicago. However, because she's several thousand miles away I thought I'd wear it in the meantime. Now I don't know if she'll be able to get her hands on it. Sorry Taylor!

I would write more but I'm currently in the midst of finishing Whats Your Number? and am really distracted by the fact that I kinda like Anna Faris... but mostly distracted because of how much of a hunk Chris Evans is. Now you know where my priorities lie. Quick question though, why does every romantic comedy have to have a Natasha Bedingfield song? Just a thought, Hollywood.

Luella x Target leather motorcycle jacket, vintage dress, Calvin Klein black heels, vintage black bracelet and silver bangle, Mr. Kate Kaila ring, Loki cuff, and Lynx bracelet.