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It's EYE Time You See A Doctor

Ever since beginning driving last year, I noticed a problem in my vision. I found myself saying "Can you read what that sign says?" to whoever was sitting next to me more times than I would've liked. Thus, I decided that I needed to go in and get my eyes checked. While it turns out my eyesight isn't that bad, my left eye definitely could use some help and made driving glasses a must. I visited LensCrafters at first but was severely bored with the results, even the ones from Chanel and Prada. They were just so... plain. That's why I was super excited when SEE Eyewear offered for me to come in a choose a pair of frames that were more suitable/exciting. When they called and said my glasses had arrived and ready for pickup about a week after choosing, I had to bring my camera along because the interior of their store is that cool...
These looked like candy in a candy store. I wanted to wear them all at the same time.
Love the pastels.
The story behind SEE is pretty interesting in terms of brand focus and design. Founder Richard Golden aimed to create product from a bunch of different views, therefore he collected artists from around the world to design under the collective brand of SEE. The final result is a store full of super beautiful and interesting frames.
These tortoise shell frames were a close tie with the ones I decided on.
The selection I picked out by the end of my first visit. I loved the unexpected shades of blue and pink, but there were a couple of classic browns that I loved.
The sunglass wall, every pair $99
My final choice! They're kind of geeky in the best way, I love the oversized feel and the color. I want to wear them all the time now, not only while driving.
I think I was in the middle of conversation for this photo. I'm wearing vintage black Levi's shorts, Tiffany & Co. watch, Hawaiian shirt from Possession Vintage and a brown leather Coach satchel.

Thanks Brian and co. over at SEE! For store locations and more frames visit them at their website over here.