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August 2012

Hollywood Hills
shops 31 August 2012
I had loved the original Stella McCartney sneaker/wedges but could never justify or want to spend $500+ on a trend item. I think this is one...
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Denim Overalls
shops 22 August 2012
I bought these beautiful overalls a couple months ago on ebay after seeing them on a girl at the Fairfax Flea Market. I was just in luck tha...
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It's EYE Time You See A Doctor
shops 13 August 2012
Ever since beginning driving last year, I noticed a problem in my vision. I found myself saying "Can you read what that sign says?"...
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No Greens, No Glory
shops 09 August 2012
About a week ago I decided to have a whole day in Los Angeles just to myself, driving around, stopping in random places. Of course, no day ...
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Motorcycle Jacket
shops 05 August 2012
Finally, full photos of the motorcycle jacket of my dreams. Despite it's heavy leather and hardware I find myself reaching for it again ...
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