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Stone, Slate and Stripes

A couple things to know about me:
- I love man pants. Always will.
- I love linen. Always will.
-I just learned to love the color grey. (Possibly) always will.
Last night I also got a little star struck when I went to dinner at AOC and not two tables away from me sat Anna Faris, Chris Pratt, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, on a double date- or what turned out to be a mini-baby shower for the Faris/Pratt duo. Normally, I can handle being in the same room as other actors, but this time I couldn't help myself. It felt so weird to see these four mega-super-stars all sitting, having dinner, quietly. I guess I just secretly always thought that if you got that much star power in one room together they would all explode or something. Anyways, they ate politely, and I watched avidly as they each got up (at one time or another) to go to the bathroom (stars go to the bathroom? WHAT?), and John/Emily leaned into each other and Chris cracked jokes and Anna laughed at them and whatnot. I don't think I've been more jealous of a person than I was in that moment (or hour and a half) than I was of Emily Blunt for a) not only being Emily Blunt but b) for having the amazing body she has and c) for being married to John Krasinski. Really, if anyone is living the life, it's her. She's my new inspiration for... everything. Also, she looked super beautiful and polished in a black peplum top, super straight dark denim and grey sky-high wedges. All in all, good night, (plus the food was amazing.)

American Apparel linen pants, Zara heels, Brook & Lyn body piece, Marc by Marc Jacobs studded handbag, Elizabeth & James bird claw ring, and American Apparel striped tank top.