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Under normal circumstances I wouldn't have looked twice at it in a store, but when this dressed arrived in the mail as a gift from Free People I was shocked to find that it was, in fact, a natural born wonder. The weight makes the material feel durable and long lasting, the zipper down the back allows for easy removal, and the shape has got to be the most flattering I have put on in a long time. The dress also seems to be wrinkle-free no matter how much you fold it, which has made me dub it the perfect "Travel" dress, because you can literally zip it off, shove it in a bag, pull it out hours later and it'd still be perfect. It's the type of garment I can envision walking down the beaches of Tahiti in; half a dozen men in cream linen jackets at my arm and the dark night sky above us. Or maybe stuffing it in a carry-on bag on a flight from New York City to Miami, getting off the plane, changing into it in the airport bathroom and walking out looking fresh and ready. Or, after a day of scuba-diving in Hawaii, zipping it on for a nice dinner by the beach, complete with flickering lanterns and fresh fruit. Then, after dinner, zipping it off again to reveal a bathing suit underneath and diving back into the ocean.

Just a couple of thoughts.

Because I don't think the beauty of this thing can really be shown in still photos, I dedicated a little less-than-two-minute video to it's awesomeness. For those of you readers in Japan, Montenegro or Serbia, view the video here.

Really, I don't think it gets better than this.

Free People shift dress, Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoeyevsky, Tarot Cards, Free People Crochet Shorts, Chanel Nail Polish in Dragon and Peridot, Marc by Marc Jacobs TOTE bag.