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July 2012

Denim and More Denim
shops 29 July 2012
I think I've probably said this a thousand times, but I love denim. If I were to go into fashion I would either want to work at one of t...
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Stone, Slate and Stripes
shops 25 July 2012
A couple things to know about me: - I love man pants. Always will. - I love linen. Always will. -I just learned to love the color grey. (Pos...
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shops 21 July 2012
Some of the photos I've uploaded to instagram the past couple of weeks. Sorry about the absence! I've been driving around too much f...
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Swim Time
shops 12 July 2012
I guess I could elaborate on my daydreaming from the post before and say that the swimsuit and coverup I would also take to the islands of H...
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Hawaii, Anyone?
shops 07 July 2012
Under normal circumstances I wouldn't have looked twice at it in a store, but when this dressed arrived in the mail as a gift from Free ...
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shops 05 July 2012
Celebrating in a lowkey way with a small number of family and friends in Oregon. Just as it should be! A couple of friends from LA are com...
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