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When Jaclyn over at Audrey Grace Boutique offered to send me this Lauren Moffatt dress I almost wanted to cry. I feel like its the type of garment where it can only be referred to as "frock" and I am totally OK with that. Its astounding; feminine, beautiful, vintage, modern, all wrapped into one. It makes me want to curate my entire wardrobe around it, i.e. playful pretty dresses all the time. Which is funny, considering just a couple months ago all I wanted to do was dress in dapper menswear. When my mom saw it walk through the door, she too couldn't believe her eyes either. The collar is also removeable, which is a plus. Sometimes sequins can be too much.

Also, Jaclyn alerted me to the fact that her actual online store is officially open TODAY, so go and shop Lauren Moffatt + more over here.

Lauren Moffatt dress and OPI nail polish.