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One of my favorite prints lately has been the Hawaiian print, in all shapes and colors. I have the it in dresses and shirts and I've been eyeing a pants in the pattern as well. This particular dress has been my mothers for about ten years or so, and I love it. The pastel heels I picked up recently at a very destructive shopping trip to The Grove that included purchasing two pairs of floral trousers (which are also another obsession, I'm craving everything on Shopbop here).
Summer starts next week. I've been caught in the rough emotional undertow of endings. High school is almost over, and while that means exciting developments in terms of my career and future, it also means saying goodbye to many people who have come to mean a great deal to me over the past several years. I can't believe I will be a senior and I can't believe my friends are graduating and I can't believe everything that is ahead. I should be afraid... but I'm not. I'm ecstatic.

Vintage Hawaiian print dress, Zara silver and mint heels, Chanel red nail polish, vintage 1940s watch.