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Ventured to Calabasas on Friday to spend time with my best friend in her beautiful home in the hills. I received this Minkpink dress by special request for my birthday and have been wearing it ever since; I thought its bohemian feel was perfect to photograph in the magical greenery. The heavy silver pendant was a gift that I vividly remember wearing on my birthday at school in 9th grade, which was three days before I got asked out on my first ever pre-date date. By pre-date date I mean it was just a "hangout" to see if he likes you/you like each other. But I was in 9th grade, he was in 11th. It was valid. Although he seemed to single-handedly disprove my friend Lauren's theory that "no teenage boy wants to go on a pre-date date." Anyway, I mention all this for several reasons:
  1. This dress has a distinctly mythical/middle earth/medieval feel which is why...
  2. this morning I played Ridley Scott's Robin Hood soundtrack in the car on the way home from Calabasas, which ties in because...
  3. on our pre-date date we went and saw Robin Hood (it had just come out/we couldn't think of anything better to do/LACMA had closed)

And I mention all that because...

4. Robin Hood is coincidentally on TV right now and I am reveling in the distant memories of my past. Its an Oprah full circle moment!

But really, ladies and gentleman, the moral of the story is: you know its not a date if you guys go see Robin Hood, distinctly the most unromantic date movie ever.

All of that 9th grade lunacy aside, this dress has become a major threat to all my others in the course of just one week. I wore it two days in a row. It's particularly special because I'm on this new maxi jag where anything and everything must be maxi in length. Now every time I come to school, my friend David asks "maxi?" even if I'm wearing a shorter dress. Clearly, boys don't comprehend differences in lengths... or the proper way to take a girl on a real date.

Until next time.
Minkpink maxi dress, Pamela Love spike ring, Mr. Kate Kaila ring, Chanel nail polish, vintage silver pendant.