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As of yesterday, I'm seventeen. I thought that this wasn't going to be a big deal, but considering its me, it turned into one. I suddenly got very emotional and very nostalgic starting Saturday night at Prom (which was so much fun by the way.) My friends did a lovely job of easing me into the new year and I think I probably got 12 hours sleep in total, all weekend. On Sunday, I went to the flea market, took a nap and then had a family dinner at my favorite restaurant Playa. It's kinda odd having both Mothers Day and a birthday on the same day but it still was lovely, regardless. By the way, my birthday is the same as Lena Dunham's. It's a sign...

This leopard coat came from Possession Vintage at the Fairfax Flea market a couple weeks ago. It is that quintessential swing coat that should be in every girl's closet. I've wanted one for literally years but never could find the right fit or length or shape of the spots (there are different color and shapes, you know.) After finally getting my hands on this beauty, I think I can say I don't think I will ever get rid of it. If love could manifest itself into a piece of clothing, I think this would be that piece... does that make sense? Thank you goes out to Dan for finding and then selling it to me.

Oh and I got back on tumblr. Follow me here.
Vintage sheer silk blouse, vintage leopard swing coat from Possession Vintage, vintage black Levi's, vintage clutch, Calvin Klein heels.