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I lost my cable chord in the last week and a half, so technical difficulties were preventing me from posting, but here I am! I'm currently in Palm Springs for Coachella this weekend but I had to share these photos I took last Saturday. I love this outfit, I've worn in three times in the last month.

I remember a couple years ago Nylon named Japan the preeminent place for denim and fashion trends, so I ruthlessly scoured street style blogs in Tokyo and such. During that time, big tassel necklaces were HUGE. When this tassel piece mysteriously appeared in my room and seamlessly coordinated its colors with this silk Citron jacket I felt like it was fate. By the way, how AMAZING IS THIS JACKET? IT'S MY FAVORITE PIECE RIGHT NOW, (although I seem to say that about everything I post.)

By the way, if you're going to the music fest this weekend, don't be afraid to say hi! This is going to be the best three days. I'll try to post some photos tomorrow or the next day from all the fun. I am so psyched. I can already feel like it's going to be 10x better than last year. And last year was great.

Vintage Citron silk jacket, American Apparel dress, silver dragon necklace, tassel necklace.