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Coachella Day 3 - Green & Gold

I didn't get the chance to take photos of Day One and Two of Coachella last weekend, but I did get my third and final outfit: this super simple and stunning cut-out linen Seneca Rising dress. I bought it last year and it seriously hasn't seen enough sunshine. Wearing it Sunday kind of cemented it's awesomeness, though. It's perfect for hot weather. When it got cool at night I just threw on a vintage Hawaiian shirt, which my mom had just bought me in Palm Springs. Hawaiian shirts are my new obsession, I can't get enough. Will post some photos soon of my swelling collection.

Thank you to all the sweet readers that said hi during the festival, it was really nice to meet all of you! Hope you had as much fun as I had.
Love these two gold rings by the way. The first earthy-dotted looking one is called the Kaila and is from Mr. Kate's new collection Days of Ore. I literally want it in every color. The second is called the Artemis ring and is from a LA based brand called Prey, which has such a beautiful line of empowering jewelry. These pieces together make
such a good duo.

Seneca Rising green dress, Mr. Kate Kaila ring, Prey Jewelry Artemis ring, Chanel nail polish in Peridot.