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This past spring break I had the pleasure of finally spending time with my long time interwebz friend Kate of Mr. Kate jewelry. The last time we saw each other (and coincidentally the first time we met) was a complete fluke. We ran into each other at the flea market as we were both hanging out with other people; she with Victoria Justice, and me with someone whom would later become my ex-boyfriend. Suffice to say, we really didn't have enough time to say hello. So, after almost two years and one ring collaboration later, we decided to spend an afternoon at the Soho House in West Hollywood. If you have never been to the Soho House write it down on your List of Things To Do Before You Die. There are several locations, so get 'er done.
Anyways, the hang out session was delightful and it was lovely to talk about boys, blogs and... bracelets? Sorry, the AP English Language student in me is really popping out that alliteration for a rhetorical strategy. Promise it'll calm down once AP tests are over. Anyway, I came home with a couple of pretty things from Kate's new collection Days of Ore and then ordered a couple more a few days later. Thought I'd share because they are so beautiful. Oh and ready for my joke? Days of Ore? It should be called Days of MORE! Badum-cha! But in all seriousness, it really should be called that, because the Kaila ring is actually the most amazing piece I own right now. I'm obsessed. I desperately want it in the rose gold color.

In other news:
My birthday is in less than a month (May 13!), AP tests are approaching way too fast for my sake, as always I'm thinking about college and the future, and I can't wait for what summer holds. These next few months are going to streak by. And guess why? Because soon I'll have a car. Cue dramatic music.

Mr. Kate Kaila ring, Lynx bracelet, Loki cuff and The Stylish Wanderer x Mr. Kate bow ring