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April 2012

Bright Shiny Things
shops 27 April 2012
This past spring break I had the pleasure of finally spending time with my long time interwebz friend Kate of Mr. Kate jewelry. The last tim...
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Coachella Day 3 - Green & Gold
shops 22 April 2012
I didn't get the chance to take photos of Day One and Two of Coachella last weekend, but I did get my third and final outfit: this supe...
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Dungeons & Dragons
shops 13 April 2012
I lost my cable chord in the last week and a half, so technical difficulties were preventing me from posting, but here I am! I'm curre...
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shops 02 April 2012
Really quick post before I run off to Santa Barbara with some friends. I'm literally racing right now. The past couple weeks have been h...
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