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Tweed overcoats, black scarves, wool vests, white button-ups, tailored separates, and that funny little hat...
I'm finally posting the inspiration board for Sherlock Holmes that I made weeks ago! This is everything Sherlock related. From the old classics to BBC's freaking genius rendition with Benedict Cumberbatch, (I love him), to Robert Downey Jr. & Jude Law in the most recent films, it's all here. I also included some stills of Rachel McAdams as Sherlock's great rival (and lover) Irene Adler. Even though I'm enjoying the manly/dapper vibe here, I marvel at her ability to switch from a blue stain ballgown to tweed mens chaps in one film and still look beautiful, feminine, lovely etc. etc. in all of it. I want my wardrobe to have that type of versatility while still maintaining a common thread. This idea is coming closer to fruition, especially considering that I just unwrapped a tweed blazer that arrived from the cleaners today. Slowly but surely my Holmes closet is pulling together.

Stay tuned for another post this weekend!