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March 2012

Pattern Mixing
shops 24 March 2012
Normally I can't stand pattern mixing. A lot of people try it and think it's "fashion." In my opinion it isn't, which ...
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The Kimono
shops 13 March 2012
Where to start with this 70s kimono...... Um..... I almost can't comprehend I own it. Hands down in the top 5 pieces of my wardrobe. I d...
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Detail of the Day: Penelope and Coco Brogues
Decided to do a new feature on the blog called Detail of the Day. As people pretty much say, it's all in the details, and I think outfit...
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Candy Stripes
shops 07 March 2012
I am in love with this outfit, not because of any particular belief that I am a genius at outfit making, but because of the colors. White an...
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Crystal Castles
shops 05 March 2012
A friend of mine starting producing these amazing crystal + bullet shell pendants and I finally picked up a couple for myself. A couple day...
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Sherlock Inspiration
shops 03 March 2012
Tweed overcoats, black scarves, wool vests, white button-ups, tailored separates, and that funny little hat ... I'm finally posting the ...
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