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Variation on a Theme Part 1

On Sunday I had a shoot with Naomi Nevitt from TeenVogue for some online content. Can't wait to show you the photos, but for now, you'll have these, which I took after the shoot. I wore this outfit to the flea market where I picked up the most amazing swing coat from the Possession Vintage booth. Will share soon.

These photos are part 1 of 2. Ever since I started the blog I've wanted to take an outfit and change one thing about it and then show the variation/differences between the two, how a whole idea can turn into something else entirely just by one article of clothing. Finally, I managed to pull it off here. Stay tuned later this week for how I change this one!

H&M sweater, vintage white lace dress, Marc by Marc Jacobs laceup heels, vintage rhinestone necklace, Timex and JCrew watch, vintage silver bracelet, Pamela Love ring, Marc by Marc Jacobs leather bag.