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Fell in love with this wine-colored American Apparel pajama set online and felt it was perfect to debut seeing as Valentines day is just around the corner. I bought it a size bigger to enjoy that boxy, oversized quality that requires the wearer to enjoy life a little more and not take themselves so seriously. It's also got a little bit of a gentleman's sleepwear feel to it, which I'm kind of in love with. The gold piping is also fantastic.. All in all, lovely little pair of top and shorts.
While putting together this post, I was contemplating the idea of having fashion collections for Valentines day. I personally can't stand ne'er-do-wells who complain about the holiday, however, assuming I agree with the idea that all Valentines day is a "commercial" holiday why don't we take it a step further? What if we lived in a world where there weren't three (if you're counting resort) runway presentations a year, but four, meaning there would be entire collections based on Valentines day. First off, that would be a lot of red satin. Second, it could possibly change the entire face of the holiday. Eventually red, pink and purple- in the hands of our fashion and textile legends (namely Marc Jacobs, Isaac Mizrahi, Calvin Klein, Anna Sui, Betsy Johnson etc.)- would become contrived, requiring designers to propose whole new color schemes for collections. Suddenly love notes and cards would be teal, turquoise, gold, black. Just a little alt-history for you all on this interesting day for single and not-so-single people alike.