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My first real foray into channeling Sherlock Holmes. I picked up these pants at the Goodwill and they're basically perfect. I'm slowly accumulating a pretty lovely collection of man inspired items, and I'm sorta thrilled.

I've been wearing this cashmere cardigan as a shirt a lot lately. It's really laid back and easy to throw on, I feel like I want it in every color.
Been obsessed with piling on the bracelets lately. I guess I learned it from my mom and aunt, who are both all about silver and really cool vintage pieces.null
So.... on Thursday I became licensed in the sate of California to drive a motor operated vehicle! It's kind of strange. At first I didn't feel it, and then at 11:30 that night it hit me like a train. A drivers license its the first step towards so many things. "Show me your I.D" isn't "Show me your really geeky school i.d. card" any more, its "Oh here's my license." It's weird, it's like I never really thought it would happen but now here I am and I'm one step closer to adulthood and everything is moving forward, barreling through the present like some speed bullet. It's nice to be here, in this space and time, but I really want to keep going. I need Junior year to end for sure.

By the way, I'm selling some shoes, including the ones above, here.

Cashmere cardigan worn as shirt, vintage pants, Jeffrey Campbell boots, leather bag from Silverlake, various vintage silver bracelets, Tiffany watch.