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As part of the new year I mentioned that I would be changing the blog around, and so from this point on I will be disabling comments.

I appreciate every single one of you so much, so if you still want to drop me a line or leave me a message you can email me (, twitter me (@StylishWanderer) or instagram me (@thestylishwanderer) and of course follow me on bloglovin (The Stylish Wanderer). I am not on tumblr or facebook any more. The above photos are from my instagram account, and if you're not on it, get on it, its a fun place to be. As if everyone didn't share too much already, it's more of a look into my daily life, although mostly I just post photos of jewelry.

Well, happy new year! I'm so happy its a three day weekend, hopefully it'll be filled with finding Sherlock-y things at vintage stores and flea markets! I finally picked up the complete collection of Arthur Conan Doyle's books today at Goodwill and will be reading them avidly for the next couple weeks.