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Black Florals and Mirrored Heels

Give me pastel florals on a black background and Im on board any day. This tie/wrap/dress item is amazing, it's one of my favorite clothing pieces right now, especially when paired with my trusty mirrored gold buckle heels from Zara. I love these shoes, their perfect for pairing with long dresses to lighten the mood. I heard Topshop had a version of their own a couple months back. I'm looking to stock up on another pair, does anyone know of where I could get them?

I will be changing the blog around sometime in the next couple of weeks since its a New Year. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, Happy New Year! My gosh... its 2012.

Melrose Space-1o black floral wrap dress, Zara heels, American Apparel u-neck top, thrifted denim shorts, Coach leather handbag.