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January 2012

shops 28 January 2012
I really need to be studying but I thought I should post one of my favorite editorials of all time. So natural and so beautiful. Normally I...
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shops 21 January 2012
My first real foray into channeling Sherlock Holmes. I picked up these pants at the Goodwill and they're basically perfect. I'm slo...
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shops 19 January 2012
I was in a parking structure with my mom when I spotted this phenomenal vintage truck, that just happened to match the color of my Victoria...
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shops 15 January 2012
(at a party, Ziba Khatibi ring, christmas present Tiffany watch, favorite rings, pendleton coat, funny display window, pamela love ring, sch...
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New Years Resolutions
shops 11 January 2012
In December of 2009 I saw the first Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. Shortly after, the New Year happened and I vowed ...
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Black Florals and Mirrored Heels
shops 05 January 2012
Give me pastel florals on a black background and Im on board any day. This tie/wrap/dress item is amazing, it's one of my favorite cloth...
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