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December 2011

New Years Eve Inspiration
shops 31 December 2011
This year was filled with a lot of greatness. You can look back on the year and say it was terrible just as easily as saying it was wonderfu...
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I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas
shops 24 December 2011
I'm in Oregon for part of the holidays and took these photos in downtown Portland right after scouring Powell's books. Love, love, l...
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It's the Holiday Season
shops 22 December 2011
A really sweet reader drew an illustration of me from this picture! Thank you so much. Check out the rest of Oona's work here . New pos...
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Walk Like a Man
shops 13 December 2011
I went to The Valley with my aunt to do some Christmas things and put on these Chip & Pepper boyfriend jeans. Ive owned them forever but...
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shops 07 December 2011
Some time ago I was approached by Janet, the genius of Denim Refinery, to take some of my jeans and turn them into masterpieces. I am such ...
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School Outfit
shops 03 December 2011
I get tons of sweet emails from readers asking to post school outfits, but because of rehearsal lately I've been getting home way after ...
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