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I had one of the nicest Thanksgivings this year. Certainly the nicest I remember in recent history. It was filled with my mothers great cooking, black and white movies, a marathon of the first season of gossip girl (which I had never seen, and can I just say Serena & Dan forever, they're like Ross and Rachel, I don't care what the writers think, they belong together), friends, the beautiful LA skyline, and lots of family. Here are a few photos from the day.

I was wearing an American Apparel champagne skirt, American Apparel crop top, Steve Madden flats, vintage necklace.
I wore a variation of this outfit with this beautiful American Apparel skirt to The Ovation awards a couple days ago. When outfits work there is no reason why you can't just recycle them (although Blair Waldorf would probably want to strangle me for saying this). The Ovations were fun, its interesting to see the crossover between the LA theatre/film scene there. Was so excited to see Jon Bernthal, from my favorite series The Walking Dead, there that night.
Food and black and white movies and a beautiful Los Angeles day, what more could you want?

This is my friend Daijah, who spent thanksgiving with us. She was kind enough to take my outfit photos for me. She actually has some killer style and I'm hoping she'll foray into styling when she's older.
Hope your holidays were lovely!