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I dont know if this is universal, but in LA film photos with teenagers are huge. I know a lot of readers want to know about my private/social/high school life, so here are a couple of photos from the past couple of months with friends at parties, events etc. etc.
This is actually a real live school outfit, although it isn't a full body shot. Vintage Hawaiian with JBrand skinny jeans has been a staple over the past couple weeks.
The two above photos are from London in August on Portobello road. In the first Im wearing a vintage Ferragamo scarf, and in the second I'm wearing Genetic Denim jeans with American Apparel dance shoes and a Marc by Marc Jacobs backpack.
The above three are from my friend's birthday party in October. I'm wearing a vintage velvet dress and vintage leather boots + my Kate Spade orange Giraffe iPhone case.
Leftover from a party in July. The sequin jacket is in action here.
This is at FYF music fest. This tank top is amazing vintage I bought at a flea market and will get detail shots as soon as possible. Its incredible.
In Edinburgh, Scotland this past summer in one of my favorite vintage sweatshirts. It has a navajo feel thats perfect for throwing on with a pair of jeans and feeling groovy.

Hope you enjoyed! Regular posting will resume soon, I promise. Just bear with me until I finish my play. xoxo