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Somehow stumbled upon this incredible collection from Ashish for next spring. They're like every teenager's dream, these pieces. While the collection may have lacked the word "sophistication" it sure makes up for it in pure fun, and not to mention beautiful craftsmanship and detailing. The styling here was done incredibly well, although I wouldn't wear all of the pieces together like they show here. I imagine wearing a bunch of these paired with basics like black dresses or trousers.

However, that isn't to say there weren't some faults. I hated the hats and the dark lipstick, not to mention the actually messy hair that looked like the models hadn't brushed in weeks, and there are definitely some bad 90s throwbacks in here, but it doesn't really matter. The real flowers in the 90s grunge boots and the sequins and fun play with sunflowers more than made up for the bad final touches. And then again, maybe some of the bad 90s is what makes this collection so great? Not to mention, a sequin sunflower on a sweatshirt material? Or a red brick sequin pattern on a motorcycle jacket? Sign me up! I actually got excited when I saw all of this, which is something I haven't been able to say about fashion for a long time. What's also so great is that there are more wearable pieces in this collection (for the focus shy), like the simple white frock with printed flowers. I could actually see anyone wearing that next summer. The sequin cocktail dresses are perfect for any fun awards show... or just any party. I basically want the entire collection.

I should stop with this love letter. Good job Ashish.