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At the end of August I was in Oregon waiting in a parking lot and heard Johnny Burnette's You're Sixteen come on 70s on 7 xm radio. I wouldn't be joking when I said a video flashed before my eyes. This is it.

As far as further inspiration, I wanted it to be like you were eating a cupcake, looking at vintage photographs and watching a girl who just turned 16 dance out her joy. It was just by chance that a car was in the local that I wanted to shoot it at, so now it kind of looks like a Sweet 16 car commercial. But we'll say it's all on purpose. Or as I was trying to convince a boy this weekend: everything happens for a reason.

The outfits are basically all of my favorite 60s/70s vintage pieces, except for the shoes which are a mix of Marc by Marc Jacobs, Moschino Cheap&Chic and more Marc by Marc Jacobs. The leather hair bows are American Apparel, and the hot pink jacket is H&M. The dancing is a mix of being completely seriousness and completely making fun of myself. I laughed the entire time I was editing. Watch full screen for full effect.
Hope you enjoy.