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September 2011

shops 25 September 2011
Some shots I did for American Apparel, and look! no bangs. After coming back from the shoot I promptly got online and ordered both the ridin...
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La Petite Femme
shops 18 September 2011
Wow. In a city of camel coats and marble gray sweaters, I am literally dying with this editorial here. Really, so much inspiration going on...
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shops 13 September 2011
At the end of August I was in Oregon waiting in a parking lot and heard Johnny Burnette's You're Sixteen come on 70s on 7 xm radio. ...
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Something Wicked This Way Comes
shops 09 September 2011
Bought these amazing Shakuhachi suede shorts on sale this summer, love the mini pocket detailing. This jacket I bought last spring from a ...
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