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A couple weeks ago I was invited to LF's "secret" sale, which made everything 70% off. Of course I took advantage and picked up these beauties by Sam Edleman. They remind me of something a prince or princess or Alladin would wear, if they weren't stuck in their particular time or setting. When I was in Edinburgh a week ago for the Fringe festival there was much talk of a place called Princes Street. I never visited, but thats where I got the post title.

How has everyone been? Summer is drawing to a close. Im getting on a plane in the morning. Ive just recently seen a healer and visited the doctor and had a mani/pedicure and am feeling increasingly relaxed and creative. Hopefully this new inspiration and well being lends itself to the blog. Im also watching The Royal Tenenbaums for probably the 5th time this month. Wes Anderson is some sort of genius.