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Notes On The Surgery


I dont know why it took me so long to write about it, since it happened way back in June, however Im finally getting to the part about my surgery. All throughout elementary school sports and theatre class exercises, yoga poses and swimming, I had trouble breathing and inhaling deeply. Finally, in February we went and visited a doctor, who told us that the left side of my septum was 80% deviated. On top of that, because of the extra pollution in Los Angeles and the irritation caused by insufficient breathing, the other side closed up the remaining passageway, so virtually no air was coming out of my left nostril. This is why I had elongated sicknesses, headaches, occasional trouble sleeping etc. etc. The doctor told me the surgery would change my life. And so we scheduled an appointment, and there we have it. He went in and straightened the septum, and I came out with a slightly different nose. I am fully healed now and enjoying breathing fully for once.

Hope that wasn't too much of a let down! I know many of you were itching to know what had happened.

Have a lovely week.