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My dad brought me these macaron's from my favorite restaurant called Bottega Louie in downtown. The food is incredible there and the deserts are so good.

Just returned from seeing Midnight in Paris with my dad and step-mom. It really was fantastic. The casting was so good, there were so many actors there that I recognized and was glad to see again. Its movies like that that do a lot of things to a person. At first when I got home I wanted to write all about it. Now I am a little bit more tired since its only been 4 days since the surgery. All I can say is I loved all the costumes. Allison Pill is stunning, I loved the man who played Hemingway and I'd like to marry Tom Hiddleston. Seeing all the different portrayals of some of the world's greatest artists, writers, thinkers on screen was so wonderful. I am trying not to get too sappy here and using all the adjectives and descriptives that I can. Sometimes I get mad that I dont have such a set in stone style like Marion Cotillard's roaring twenties character in the film, or even Rachel McAdam's character who plays the perpetual bitch in the 21st century. It also boils down to a "who am I?" routine that I would rather not get in to. But then I have to remind myself that each of these actresses has a costume designer and that of course they have to look put together otherwise the film would just be all over the place. I had more to say but I guess I'll leave that to another conversation, another day.

Anyways I loved it. Its like a macaron of a film. Just sweet.