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July 2011

Floral Crowns: Part 3- The Blackberry Fairy
Took these photos with blackberry plants behind me. Oregon is so beautiful, I definitely recommend visiting there at least once in your life...
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The Mary Jo's in Beverly Hills
shops 19 July 2011
The other day I went to Barney's with my mom and had a fantastic time going through all the clothes, especially since almost everything ...
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Floral Crowns: Part 2 - The Rose Fairy
Here's the first floral crown I made. All the photos in this series were taken in Oregon, which is very beautiful and green. I went with...
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Coach Classics Saddle Bag
shops 09 July 2011
A couple months ago I was invited by Vanessa at Coach to attend a cocktail party and then dinner in Hollywood with all the local California ...
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Floral Crowns: Part 1 - An Introduction
When I was in Oregon I went to a craft store there and bought a huge bunch of fake flowers and floral garlands. I spent one late June afte...
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Macaron Striptease
shops 04 July 2011
My dad brought me these macaron's from my favorite restaurant called Bottega Louie in downtown. The food is incredible there and the de...
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Summer Inspiration: Floral Crowns
shops 02 July 2011
I am currently obsessed with floral crowns/headdresses for summer. I was in Oregon for a couple days and made about six of them, three I kep...
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