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To Buy or Not To Buy: A Dilemma

Sneak preview for tomorrow night's post + discussion...
I am going to be upfront about this: I buy knockoffs if they're well done. You've seen them here on the blog. Jeffrey Campbell does a great job at it, I am very thankful for the brand. So naturally I kind of went crazy when I saw that these Chloe knockoff boots had become available to the mass market for under $200. I had stalked the original ones for what had felt like years; I've loved the infamous doc marten/wedge silhouette ever since I first saw it. I still have an ebay alert set up in case a certain pair walks in the door with a size 9 and my name on it. But Ill say it, I don't really have $600 to spend on a pair of shoes. So then these shoes are a gift from heaven. However, here is where the dilemma comes in.

Can you support a brand that blatantly knocks off designers to profit for themselves? Morally I would say it's wrong. But then again, it happens everywhere. Singers constantly do covers of other people's songs, and nobody complains. Directors remake movies all the time. Left and right you see it happening. So what is right and what is wrong? I don't have an answer here. Like I said before, I buy knockoffs. I love these boots. But still, I'm conflicted.

What do you think?