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I don't even know where to start with this thing. A couple weeks ago, while trying to decide the 6 (finally narrowed it down to 3) outfit changes I was going to have at my birthday party, (it was like my wedding you guys, no joke, it was ridiculous), I was perusing online vintage stores and stumbled upon this jumpsuit. At first I thought I thought of it as a joke and emailed my mom the link with "Sweet Sixteen Outfit?" in the title, but then the more I thought about it the more I liked it, and then finally I just had to have it for the big night. Long story short, I had so much fun in this thing. It was incredible. I think a lot of people just stared at me in disbelief and couldn't swallow the fact that I was currently in a head to toe blue, green, purple geometric ... something. But whatever, it didn't matter what they thought. All that mattered was that I liked it. And I did.
Cause hey, I'm 16.
I've gotten a lot of references to the jumpsuit being "Pucci-esque" which I completely agree on. I still can't figure out the date on this thing, though. I thought it was from the 80s, my aunt and her friend argued that it was 70s, but the colors didn't seem right for the 70s. My mom had to agree that it was 80s. Maybe a happy median is a 70s inspired piece from the 80s... yes?

Vintage blue, purple, green jumpsuit from Nasty Gal, my current favorite vintage jade earrings given to me by my mom for my birthday , American Apparel neon nail polish, flea market rings turquoise and tigers eye.