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I think I have mentioned a million times before that I have a huge interest in photography. I like to use disposables a lot for when hanging out with friends, and of course a Canon DSLR for the blog (I just ordered the T2i to also start taking HD video to make my own short films!) I also use a Panasonic Lumix for various family events and gatherings, a Fisheye for music festivals, and a Holga for summer fun. Then there is this Canon 35mm film camera. Its big and bulky and from the 80s. It was a gift from a stage manager who my mom worked with when she produced a musical a couple summers ago. I have only used it once before, and decided to pull it out again a couple days ago and really try to master the art. I still have some work to do, but here is what I came up with in the mean time. Photobucket
Have I ever talked about my affinity for 70s dresses? They aren't up on the blog as much as they should be but I really love them; they're so much fun to find and collect. They're so full of personality, they always make me wonder what woman wore them before me.
Im fascinated with how light hits an object in photos. I guess thats the principal thing in photography, but I love how the sun catches this silk shirt I bought at Forever 21 last year. It hasn't been on the blog, but I felt like I should point out I cut off all the buttons and replaced them with beautiful mother of pearl ones. I felt like a real housewife when I was sewing and it felt good.
And it wouldn't be a roll of film without a picture of flower porn to complete it.

Apologies on my absence for the past couple of weeks. Final projects and finals have really gotten the better of me, as well as the planning of a small trip to Oregon next week, and a major surgery in less than half a month (will discuss later.) I have a DIY coming up that Im excited to show you as well. Summer is going to be great.